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A unique project is underway in New Brunswick to develop a balloon-borne solar telescope and launch it in Florenceville-Bristol by means of an unmanned high-altitude balloon on April 8, 2024.

The overall purpose of this project is to provide live, magnified, telescopic images of the total eclipse of the sun from the stratosphere to ground-based audiences in Western New Brunswick and potentially to a world-wide audience via the internet.


With the involvement of residents and businesses in the area, our volunteer group aims to create an exciting public learning experience around the total solar eclipse.

We are excited about watching the 2024 eclipse in Western New Brunswick, with the dramatic images from the unique balloon-borne solar telescope.


The project draws upon a variety of disciplines including engineering; launch site management and launch operations; tracking and payload recovery; image viewing site arrangement; documentary film making; and overall project management including liaison with regulatory authorities.

We aim to create an exciting public learning experience
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We aim to create an exciting public learning experience
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