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2023 - November 4

Fourth flight test of balloon-borne solar telescope

The following photos were taken on November 4, 2023, as the amazing team of volunteers prepared for our final test launch of the payload and balloon. It was a very successful test flight and we were able to record good quality video (coming soon) of the full flight as well as many images of the Sun. The preparation for our launches has improved with each test, becoming very efficient and professional.

See video and photos below

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Ground Station team (L TO R): James Tompkins, Chip Hunter, Tom Sisk, Stephen Downward, Chris Docherty, David Hunter, Geoffrey Foster, James Blackie, Cecile Blackie, Sandy Hunter, Lawson Hunter, Makenzie Dixon, Jason Hovey and Gordon Hunter.

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Payload Recovery Team (L TO R): Dr. Bryan Spires, Dr. Ian Giberson, Rick Pryde, and Ray LeBlanc.

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1. About to release
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2. Payload

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3. Preparing
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4. Away it goes

2023 - September 9

Third flight test of balloon-borne solar telescope

09:01 ADT Balloon lift off

View video below

2023 - June 17

Second flight test of balloon-borne solar telescope

14:30 ADT* Ground station preparations

16:00 ADT Balloon lift off

17:30 ADT Flight termination

18:20 ADT Payload touchdown

View video below
A word about the 2nd test flight from the project manager, Chris Docherty:

"A BIG thank you to all of the volunteers who were able to join us for the June 17th test flight. The weather wasn’t great but we had our first successful launch and recovery of the payload!

The test flights are intended as a ‘process of improvement’ to get us ready for the actual eclipse flight in April 2024. We have identified a number of lessons learned that we want to evaluate to make the next test even better. The engineering team will need some time to complete the analysis and make any enhancements to the payload.

Again, thank you all for your support and involvement in this project! We wouldn’t have had this success without all of you.

Please take a few minutes to watch the above exciting promotional video that Sandy Hunter and Xaviar Johnson (Cazador Inc/Cultivation Pictures) produced from our June 17th launch."

2023 - April 22

First flight test of balloon-borne solar telescope

View video below

Note that the countdown is approximate.

2024 - April 8

The big event! The day of the total solar eclipse in Western New Brunswick

(Exact time to be determined) Launch of balloon-borne solar telescope

15:22:40 ADT Start of the partial phase of the eclipse *

16:32:19 ADT time of totality*

* The Atlantic Daylight Times stated here are those given at eclipse2024.org and may not be precisely accurate. Be sure to read the accompanying notes at that site.
Witness the launch of a novel balloon-borne solar telescope
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Witness the launch of a novel balloon-borne solar telescope
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