Where is Florenceville-Bristol?
If you are in Western New Brunswick on April 4, 2024, you will have a front row seat for a total solar eclipse, as the area's location is central to the path of totality. Experts calculate that the period of totality for this total solar eclipse at this location will be 3 minutes 18.9 seconds.

An onboard camera aboard a balloon-borne solar telescope—launched from a location in
Florenceville-Bristol, New Brunswick—will provide live, magnified, telescopic images of the total eclipse of the Sun from the stratosphere to ground-based audiences in Western New Brunswick and to a world-wide audience via the internet.

The Balloon Solar Eclipse Project will project images from its high-altitude balloon to five locations in the Western Valley of New Brunswick:
  • Florenceville-Bristol: Northern Carleton Civic Centre, 40 McCain Street
  • Woodstock: McCain Community Theatre, Woodstock High School, 144 Connell Park Road
  • Hartland: Hartland Community School – Cafetorium, 217 Rockland Road
  • Perth-Andover: The River Valley Civic Centre, 11 School Street
  • Plaster Rock: Tobique-Plex, 159 Main Street
The Balloon Solar Eclipse Project, with Bell Canada’s assistance as Partner to the project, will relay live images of the total solar eclipse back to earth. Teams at each location will provide on-site assistance as well as the audio-visual projection of the relayed images.

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Map showing Florenceville-Bristol, the launch site, and the path of totality on April 8, 2024

Florenceville-Bristol, NB

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Florenceville-Bristol is a community within the District of Carleton North in the northwestern part of Carleton County, New Brunswick, Canada along the Saint John River. It held town status prior to 2023. References to Florenceville-Bristol in many sources and databases have not yet been updated to reflect this change.

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